Hammered Helix Spiral ring in Sterling Silver, silver wrap ring, wrapped sterling silver ring, sterling silver spiral ring, twist ring

This ring is one of my absolute favorites! I twist a length of pure sterling silver wire into a spiral shape and gently hammer it. The hammered effect adds lots of shine and sparkle, so even through the wire itself is very light and feminine, the ring has a big impact overall.

This ring has a wonderful sophisticated, rich feeling to it, although the design is very playful. It also looks amazing paired with other rings on your hand. The design is very comfortable as well.

For clarification the last photo is of all three available colors: gold, pink gold, and silver.

Spiral ring in Pink Gold:

I make these rings to order, so please allow 2-5 days for your ring to be crafted and shipped out. Please let me know your ring size in the Seller’s Box at checkout!

Every piece is organic and unique — no two rings are exactly alike.


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