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This is a large, four-loop version of my popular Wraparound ring! This ring makes a gorgeous, delicate and minimalist cocktail ring.

This noticeable, trend-setting ring is made of thin, lightly hammered 14K Rose Gold-filled metal.

I wrap a long length of 14K Rose Gold-fill around four times and securely solder it around back. Then I lightly hammered the ring for a bright, reflective shine.

The beauty of this ring lies in its organic shape. I can never create the same wrapped effect twice, which means that every ring I make will be totally unique and individual to you. This ring will look slightly different from every angle.

This listing is for ONE SINGLE Wraparound ring in 14K ROSE GOLD-FILL.

I make these rings to order, so please allow 2-5 days for your ring to be crafted and shipped out.


+ Available in Solid 14K Gold (sold separately)