Women’s Engagement Ring with Floral Eternity Design and 1/4ctw Diamonds – Staghead Designs

Each of our rings is a handcrafted one-of-a-kind piece, and is made to order for you and your significant other by a passionate and skilled artisan. This ring features a 14K yellow gold band with a unique floral band and 1/4ctw diamonds. Other stone inlay options are available, such as your own birth stone!

Add an Engraving to Your Ring Box!

We love to set custom stones and take on custom orders! If you would like your own birthstone, or virtually any other stone you can think of, reach out to us in the contact section of the website. We would love to make something as unique and special as the love you have found!

This ring is available in: 14K WHITE, YELLOW, OR ROSE GOLD

This women’s ring (and any other rings that do not contain natural materials such as turquoise, antler, etc.) can be resized by any LOCAL jeweler. It would not need to be sent back in to us for a resizing!


Lead Time: Our lead time for titanium rings is 6 WEEKS from the date of purchase or 8 WEEKS if you are ordering a ring containing any other metal (silver, black zirconium, etc.).

Variation in Materials: Because we use natural and unique materials in our rings, variation must be expected. No two rings will look the same, making your ring truly unique! Each piece of natural material will have unique patterns, grains, colors, etc..

Sizing: Our rings are true to international sizing standards, within a tenth of a millimeter. Before ordering, we recommend getting sized by two or three reputable jewelers. If possible, get the millimeter measurement of the inside diameter of the ring that fits with a digital caliper. This will always be the most accurate way for us to size rings. Lastly, do not allow a jeweler to give you a size according to a “ring-sizing dowel”, as in our experience this measuring method and reading be very inconsistent.

If a ring is ordered in the wrong size WE DO NOT OFFER FREE RESIZING OR REMAKES, so be sure you are sized correctly! We are confident that if you take the time to try on rings in the width you will be ordering that the ring we craft you will fit perfectly.

Please read our policies page before placing your order!

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