My favorite jewelry at Pandora

pandora pendant

In recent years, Pandora jewelry is everywhere! We see many collections and pubs everywhere, not to mention the number of people who wear wrist bracelets. I am weak and I have also succumbed to the trend. Discover my favorites!

My favorite Pandora charm collection

Of course, at first, I fell for a charm charm bracelet. I took a simple stiff bracelet (I did not want to feel compelled to buy blockers). But then what charms did I choose to add?

To be sober, I first took a pearl with an initial (that of my darling) accompanied by a pink pearl (slightly marbled style) in Morano glass. Like many people, I first convinced myself that my bracelet will remain sober with only 2 or 3 charms so as not to sink into excess.

But that’s when Disney chose to release his collection at Pandora! As a big fan I could not resist! Between the Minnie collection and that of Beauty and the Beast, my bracelet is now well filled.

The concept of precursor charm at Pandora

In general, I’m not very fond of charm’s charm (which hangs and sways on the wrist). By cons a brilliant invention, especially for stressed like me, it’s the chains. This type of charm’s contains two pearls connected by a small chain. They are placed on one side and the other of the clasp of the bracelet. A little difficult to put in place, they allow the bracelet to stay on your wrist in case of impromptu opening of the clasp (or if you try to tear it).

What is interesting about Pandora is that I can create a bracelet totally in my image! But to begin, or for the less patient, trimmings already composed of a bracelet and some assorted charms are sold. This concept also allows you to save money. Similarly sets of 3 charm’s are sold cheaper than if you buy them individually.

The original jewelry of Pandora

However, contrary to what some may think, there are other jewels at Pandora . Including rings that are pretty pretty.

For me, what I love about Pandora is the concept of customizable jewelry. To change “classic” bracelets, I discovered necklaces with a pendant to complete. These jewels are usually long enough. The pendant has the distinction of being quite big and in a transparent material. As a result, you can place small flat complements in your image for infinite customization!

This collection that seemed still somewhat unknown a while ago is spreading more and more. Especially if the necklace costs about the same price as a bracelet (around $70 ), charms are they much cheaper than charm’s (about $20 against between $40 and $90 for Disney’s charms ). The necklaces are now derived in many models including Disney! A Mickey head necklace exists and the charms are in cartoon colors.