Specialty jewelry for all tastes

A well-chosen accessory can enhance an outfit with style. That’s good: there is a wide range of specialty jewelry on the market!

Specialty jewelry for all tastes

Wedding jewelry

Do you want to highlight a happy event? Among the most frequently used specialty jewelry are ceremonial rings, wedding rings or engagement rings, usually made of gold, silver, platinum or tungsten.

Diamonds and gemologists

Do you like what shines and you have decided to pay a small (or big!) Luxury? Many jewelers specialize in the sale of diamonds or precious and semi-precious stones. They employ diamond dealers and gemologists to assess the authenticity and value of these jewels.

Custom jewelry

If you have a clear picture of what you want to slip on your neck or finger, there is another possibility for you. Some jewelers specialize in tailoring. They can create an original jewel expressly for you by taking inspiration from one of their existing models or your own sketch.

Eco jewelry

With the growing awareness of the effects of our consumption on the environment, recycled jewelry is becoming more and more trendy. Vintage fashion also makes it popular. And the creators give free rein to their imagination by using scraps of fabric, twigs of wood and even plexiglass, all in an arrangement of the most artistic. If you like originality, here is an avenue to explore.

Medical Jewelry

If you have to wear a medical bracelet, an allergy to a medicine or a health problem, you have access to a wide variety of specialized and stylized jewelry, bracelets, watches or charms, in different materials ranging from gold to silver. silver, leather and stainless steel.

Piercing jewelry

Did you know that the great designer Jean-Paul Gaultier integrated the piercing in 1994 in one of his fashion shows? This practice has been successful for many years with adolescents, but also young adults. As a result, specialized jewels are born to meet the demand and offer a wide choice to adorn different parts of the body.

Most often in gold, silver or stainless steel, they include labret (nose piercing), barbell (for the tongue), micro barbell (for the cartilage of the ear), banabell (curved jewel, for the navel), the ring and the horseshoe.

Museum Replicas

Are you rather fond of history and antiques? There are rare jewels that are allowed to reproduce antique jewelry exhibited in museums. Adorn yourself with a royal touch, for the pleasure of imagining yourself at the Great Court, antique signet ring finger or Napoleon sleeper.