Why do I succumb to white gold for my jewelry?

white gold ring

The more years pass and the more my jewelry box contains white gold. Discreet and bright, contemporary, resistant, this metal has everything to seduce you as much as me. Here’s why.

Stop the yellow gold and modern place!

I have always found that yellow gold was corny, or at least worn by the nerds. Blame who and what? The problem surely comes from the quarantine with a large gold chain on a hairy chest like a monkey or grannies with ten huge rings that prove that the abundance is often counterproductive.

In fact, the yellow gold is timeless, but the people who have it do not look like what I want to show. But jewelry is a reflection of your personality and my mood of the day.

The white gold is sober and brings a real added value to all the outfits.

An ideal support for precious stones

For my most chic parties or for big events like weddings, I love putting rings with one or more gems on it. I find that white gold succeeds in putting forward these stones.

If it shines enough not to attract all the attention only on the stone and not to create a too big contrast, it knows to remain discreet so that the true star (the precious stone) illuminates my hand.

A turquoise diamond, a ruby ​​or a sapphire never swears with white gold.

Note that this quality also applies to earrings or bracelets.

An easy combination with other jewels

White gold is not a dominant. By this expression, I mean that white gold is easily accompanied.

If tomorrow, your husband offers you a big yellow gold ring with multiple stones, half of the jewels in your collection will be incompatible. Indeed, you can hardly put with a fancy bracelet , a silver necklace and earrings with large patterns.

This is not the case for white gold. Like money, it offers a wide variety of combinations. And, as gold shines more, I advise you to stay on jewels that have a minimum of value under penalty of damaging the effect produced by this metal.

White gold does not break your piggy bank

If I have so much white gold in my jewelry box, it’s not because I live on credit or inherited a distant uncle … White gold is the perfect combination of luxury jewelry Elegant and respect your budget.

On a jewelry store like Vuillermoz, you can find white gold rings, earrings and bracelets between 100 and 250 €. If like me, you like to receive jewels for Christmas or your birthday, you just have to slip with mischief to your loved ones that you like white gold to receive regularly.

A color suitable for all skin types

This is my opinion and it is possible that you do not agree with it. I always thought that yellow gold did not go on very pale skin, especially when the gold is not of high quality, poorly maintained and the initial gloss disappears.

Instead of twinkling, the jewel becomes an accessory lost in colors too pale.

On the other hand, for white gold, I have no complaints about him on this side. On a white skin, tanned or black, it brings its touch of elegance without denoting. This is even why you will never, or almost never, hear a woman say she hates white gold. The same can not be said for the other best-known metals.